Tim Stotler

Saying Goodbye to the Big Guy . . . I have the joy of knowing Will as a trainer with Novi High School Athletics.  I watched many others meet their health goals while working with Will.  I remember approaching Will one day before a practice and said, “I hear you make fat people skinny.”  Will’s response was, “only if they are committed.”  I walked away knowing I was not ready.  A year later, I contacted Will and signed up for the 90 Day Challenge.  I began January 7, 2019.  Will gave me the steps that I needed to succeed and reach my goal. I loved knowing what to do and eat each day.  I am a simple guy and the plan is easy to follow.  The work was not easy, it was work.  But it worked and continues to work in my life.  From day one, I focused on the trusting the process, seeing Will’s proven results with others on this journey.  Commitment is critical to reach your goal . . . Will is an invested coach.  I appreciate the encouragement and butt kicking I receive along the way.  I am man in transformation and I am growing as I gain health.  I am still working to reach my goal and I am well on my way.  The results are directly connected to my commitment to eat clean and trust the process.  I am a changed man and living a life I did not think was possible with much thanks to Coach Will and the 90 Day Challenge. Sign up, trust the process, and enjoy the results.  You have everything to gain, and yes, many things to loose.                  


Peace,  Tim Stotler